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Are you moving your possessions to Morocco? What should you give away versus what
should you move? What do you need to look for in a removals company? How do they
work? How much does it cost? What about moving pets? Get this and much more in our
moving section.

A guide to retiring to Morocco

There are many reasons why you might be considering retiring to Morocco. Perhaps the most important factor is the fact that your pension will stretch a lot further due to much lower living costs. You will also get the chance to live out your twilight years in a country that is incredibly rich in history and culture, not to mention the year-round mild climate which will do wonders for those aches and pains. When this is teamed with the fact that Europe is on your doorstep, there are high  More...

Moving abroad with your pet

We're sure that for all you animal lovers out there, the idea of leaving your pet behind when you emigrate is practically unbearable. We know that pets can be a big part of the family and that you will do anything you can to make sure that they can join you in your new home. When planning a relocation, the process of expatriating your pet can be long and complicated. Depending on the age and health of your pet, the stressful process sadly might just not be worth it. There  More...

Moving your belongings abroad

When planning a move to Bulgaria, you will need to take the time to plan how you intend to transport all of your worldly goods. There are three main options to consider: using a professional moving company, hiring a “Man with a Van” and buying/ renting a van and driving there yourself. Read on to find out more or to go straight to our detailed guide to the removals process, click  More...

What to take when you relocate

The thought of moving to Morocco can be a daunting prospect, especially when you start thinking about the logistics of removals. With thousands of different objects, each of a different shape, size and value, to potentially pack and transport, it is not always easy to decide what to take with you. Added to that, you may be renting when you first arrive in Fez, Marrakech or wherever you move to. There is an art to packing items for overseas transportation, so it is worth hiring  More...

Christmas in Morocco

Being predominantly an Islamic nation, Christmas is not a huge affair in Morocco. That said, the amount of foreigners living in Morocco and visiting the country thanks to tourism efforts means that Christmas has become more significant in recent years. Whilst the country does not come together and feel ‘Christmassy’, there are still people living there who do celebrate it. If you fancy giving Morocco a visit over the Christmas period then you will find it easy to  More...

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