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Within this section of the website you’ll find information that will help to get started. Find out
why buying a Moroccan property is a good idea. Learn tips on how to plan, what actions to
take and how to take them. In addition to reading the articles in this area please make sure to
visit all the other property journey steps including: Moroccan financials, Moroccan properties,
Moroccan legalities, moving to Morocco and settling in to Morocco. Each section has
valuable information and it’s a good idea to get an overview even if you’re not planning on a
purchase anytime soon.

Adjusting to driving in your new home

A survey conducted earlier this year by the World Health Organisation revealed that only 28 countries, covering 7 per cent of the whole world’s population, have firm road safety laws targeting all five identified risk areas in place. These all-important five factors are listed as drinking and driving, speeding, failing to use motorcycle helmets, seat belts and child restraints. The survey also highlighted the following points: • Only 59  More...

The importance of knowing about current affairs

As much as it can be easy to forget about current affairs when you move to a country and your only concerns are lounging by the pool or playing a casual game of golf every once in a while, it is important that you stay up-to-date on current affairs for a variety of reasons… There are many factors that can impact upon your new life in a country whether that is tax increases, interest rates or political reform, to name but a few. As these can change the lifestyle  More...

Ways to avoid feeling like a foreigner in your new home

When you make the move to your new country, you need to prepare yourself for times when you will feel like a foreigner. It’s inevitable – after all, you are living in a completely new country which will have been shaped by its own history and will have its own culture. Although sometimes feeling like a foreigner isn’t a welcome emotion, try to always repeat the mantra to yourself that you moved abroad for an adventure, to live somewhere new and you must make the best of  More...

What can you expect to miss about the UK?

It is completely unavoidable – when you leave the UK for a life abroad, there are going to be a multitude of things that you miss. Although at first this might seem unbearable, do stick with it. As you explore your new and exciting home, get to know people and acclimatise, the things that you felt that you couldn’t live without will soon become far less all-consuming. To provide you with a little insight to some of the things that you might find that you miss,  More...

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